Matthew Schuetz

What was your condition?

I had chronic headaches, back and shoulder pain, as well as an injury to my lower back.

What steps had you previously taken to get help?

I’d seen my high school’s athletic trainers and iced my back and shoulders regularly. For the headaches, I took Advil.

How were you referred to chiropractic?

My mom and grandmother both went to Dr. Schofield frequently and they suggested that I go.

In your words, what did the chiropractor do?

Dr. Schofield diagnosed the issues I had and was able to give me treatments that alleviated my pain.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I played both baseball and inline hockey when I first started going to Dr. Schofield. I still play baseball and also enjoy all outdoor activities.

How has chiropractic helped your hobbies and interests?

It has allowed me to feel better and as a result play better in my sports. It has also allowed me to be more comfortable in my everyday life.

How has chiropractic helped other aspects of your life?

It has gotten rid of aches and pains allowing me to enjoy a better quality of life.

Words of encouragement to others?

Just because something is not conventional does not mean it won’t or can’t work!

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