Meet the Doctor

Dr James R.jpgDr. James Schofield

I am a native of the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. In 1985 I began my private practice of chiropractic here to give the best care available to you, your family and your friends. Your good health is my concern. If you are troubled with a back, joint or nerve-related condition, whether it be from an injury or illness, my staff and I will be considerate and caring in working towards your relief of pain.

As a chiropractor I am sympathetic to your health and especially back and neck pain problems. I became a chiropractor because I was helped by chiropractic care. I know what it means to be relieved of back pain or disability, to get back to work and to enjoy life again…pain free.

In my 35 years of practice I have seen thousands of patients ranging from children, to pregnant women, to those in their 90s. Our office has treated everyone from people who work at a desk every day to those who do hard physical construction work daily. We see weekend warriors and professional athletes. I take pride in guiding  patients towards pain free living.

There is one thing I would like to leave with you…Chiropractic works and it can work for you. It is very effective in helping neck pain and lower back pain conditions arising from illness, posture, at-home strains and accident injuries. You owe it to yourself to see what chiropractic pain relief has to offer you and your family.

Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment to discuss your health needs with me. I promise to deliver only quality care and genuine concern for you and your health. Call today or, tell a friend in pain that there is hope.

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